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Rui-feng li: robot industry prospects Still need to be more "intelligent"
Date of Publication:2016/12/22 10:53:57

"Whether industrial robots or service robot, the robot industry although broad prospects, but from the perspective of sustainable development, is still a long way to go."On December 13, is in 2016 China robot industry promotion conference, deputy director of the institute of Harbin industrial university robot rui-feng li said.

For domestic industry facing the plight of the robot, a rui-feng li outspoken of the expert inside course of study, he told reporters: "in the field of industrial robots, our biggest problem from the fierce competition in the international brand of industrial robots, second is the industrial robot key components still rely on foreign imports."

"But in China is the largest industrial robot application market, market demand pull, this is the biggest advantage."Rui-feng li analysis, points out that it is based on the market demand, so domestic robots in expanding application industry and expand application technology, and industry can fully combine, from this Angle, industrial robots have broad prospects for future development, how to break through, but the future is a common topic.

"On the one hand, increase the ability of practical application, on the other hand on the intelligent increase application technology such as vision, perception, some problems in the traditional manufacturing are resolved through smart technology, expand the application, it is the developing direction of industrial robots in the future."Rui-feng li said.

Compared with industrial robots, in the field of service robot, the gap between our country and abroad will be much smaller.This is because the service robot itself is just developed a new direction, so the service robot is in a state of flowers.So how to realize the industrial achievements conversion, simple said is service robot can provide what service?

Rui-feng li told reporters, the service robot, if just stay curious ornamental, novelty, such as psychology, this novel can't more than a few days time, really can be sustainable development is can solve some practical problems of people's life of service robots.

Such as medical rehabilitation and relief counterterrorism, a reliance on service robots, for the market to be sure and steady development.In rui-feng li's view, the demand of service robot is huge, but it will be more demanding of robots, including its safety, adaptability and operation ability.Of course, low cost and service robots have to focus on one of the factors.

Currently common used to life in the room, sweep robot, robot are just from a single function, this paper is confined to a work area."Eventually, hope to be able to launch a service comprehensive, with a variety of functions of the robot, which requires a breakthrough in technology, the change in shape, based on this, the service robots in the future road is long."Rui-feng li said.

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